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The Amazing Sci-Fi Hotel


You know who you are. You live, dream, work and play sci-fi. When others quote the classics, you quote Wrath of Khan. You never forgot the impression the opening scene of Star Wars (1977) made on you. Alien never gets old and if you've seen Blade Runner a hundres times, you probably need to watch it again to catch that one more thing you missed. You invest in things on Kickstarter not just because you want them, but because you like the ideas and they should happen. F.A.B. 42. S.H.A.D.O. Ceti Alpha 5. T1000. THX 1138. TK 421. You know. You've always known. You rewatch #TOS, TNG, #VOY and #DS9 reruns just because they are on. You believe. You know they're out there. Sci-Fi Hotel is for you. It is everything you dreamed of for your room in a brilliant, economical hotel designed for you, made for you and waiting for you.

Sci-Fi Hotel is an architectural and artistic celebration of science fiction. It's a creative and technological showcase that features classic, retro and futuristic science fiction design, art, books, movies and style in guest rooms and public spaces for a completely immersive 'out-of-this-world' experience.

Sci-Fi Hotel is whatever you want it to be. Escape. Adventure. Inspiration. Excitement. Creativity. Cool. A place to work. A place to play. A place to meet and socialize. It is a custom-installed spectacular suite or event space.

It's a cat tree for geeks® featuring a Sci-Fi Cafe & Restaurant®, an exclusive HR Giger Bar, Sci-Fi Alley® themed social space that feels like a sci-fi movie set, lobby and public space view screens showing your position high above the planet, a comprehensive science fiction library (comics too!), it's an out-of-this-world place to stay and it's coming soon to a galaxy near you!

The Amazing Sci-Fi Hotel


Think of it as 'a cat tree for geeks.' Rooms and suites are designed along sleek, contemporary sci-fi lines, like the design of a luxury yacht or spacecraft, every wall features efficient and functional molded storage and concealed entertainment, seating, reading and gaming nooks, media and more.

Sci Fi Hotel LLC has developed an original, economical hotel design that meets a significant market demand and delivers an incredible guest experience, catering to a sophisticated generation of travelers who crave out-of-this-world style and a truly unique environment. Dramatic, sleek and completely unique, Sci-Fi Hotel delivers on its out-of-this-world promise by pairing a tech-savvy, design-oriented hotel experience with an inspiring, adventurous style, an exciting alternative to the norm.


Sci-Fi Hotel® LLC, a privately held company with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, is currently seeking development, real estate and investment partners in Seattle, New York, Las Vegas and New York in the U.S. and also exploring development opportunities in China, Europe and Dubai. Are you ready to help make Sci-Fi Hotel the coolest new hotel experience in the galaxy? Contact me for more information and help me make it so.

Sci-Fi Hotel® is an exciting fit for rebranding or remodeling existing property and a dramatic, out-of-this-world custom suite installation for select hotels. It's original mix of out-of-this-world style, state-of the art technology and amenities and down to earth service and efficiency delivers significant value in top markets in the U.S. and around the world. For licensing and partnership opportunities, please make contact.

We have also developed exciting and unique Sci-Fi Suites(TM). For select hotels, we will remodel suites or floors into out-of-this-world licensed Sci-Fi Suite experiences to add to your operating inventory. Contact us for more information.

The Amazing Sci-Fi Hotel


Sci-Fi Hotel LLC is proud to present HR Giger Bar an incredible experience coming soon to the U.S.! Sci-Fi Hotel LLC is developing HR Giger Bar as a truly incredible, out-of-this-world part of the first Sci-Fi Hotel and as a standalone fully immersive experience in selected markets around the U.S. Find out more at

Sci-Fi Hotel presents HR Giger Bar


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The Amazing Sci-Fi Hotel


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The Amazing Sci-Fi Hotel


Sci Fi Hotel LLC has developed an original, economical remodeling approach that delivers out-of-this-world style and incredible guest experiences within the limitations of operating inventory.

Pick a suite, pick a floor, and let Sci-FI Hotel LLC create an amazing licensed Sci-Fi Suite (TM) guest experience to draw attention, media, and guest retention. Sci-Fi Suites(TM) are perfect for sales and hospitality suites, corporate events and a must when sci-fi conventions are in town. Please contact us for licensing and development information.

The Amazing Sci-Fi Hotel
The Sci-Fi Hotel

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